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Hamadryade Lodge is a luxurious Amazon jungle Lodge. Set in the Amazon rainforest, it has 5 bungalows hidden in the jungle. Exclusive and luxurious, Hamadryade is a hotel that offers a personnalized service, through our amazon tours, on land and on water with our numerous activities.

The Hamadryade Lodge was built on an old gold mine site, on top of a hill in the Rainforest. We wished to use this very particularity because of the opportunity it represented for us : a chance to fix what had been destroyed in the past, turn something ugly into a place where nature could regain its rights and display all the wonders it has to offer.

When we arrived, the site was almost bare, with only a few trees surviving on this now hostile soil. First advantage for us, we didn’t have to cut trees to make space for the buildings, we only cleared the opportunist plants that prevented a healthy regeneration of the ground, and start planting endemic plants to restart a productive cycle by naturally enriching the soil with nitrogen. Twice we planted these species of plants and burned them until the soil was ready to receive a larger range of plants, flowers and small trees.

This is the very essence of the Hamadryade, as these Greek Deities, not only we wish to protect the Nature, but we work to developp its health and beauties. We sealed the bad memories of this mining past under a luxurious garden, hosting a large variaty of local flowers, and plants attracting again numerous species of birds, butterflies and small animals.