Ayahuasca and coaching, a new way to your well being

At the DEVAS center, we are here to help people. Help them with what they need in their life to achieve goals or regain their health, restore harmony in their everyday life. To do so, we combine the best of both worlds : the traditionnal medecine passed down by the shamans of the Amazon Rainforest with the modern coaching technics, in a natural and healthy way.

THe Ayahuasca and coaching retreats can help you overcome the difficulties we find during our everyday life, as well as problems that someone might have dragged  from the early years of life. Apart for the Ayahuasca and shamanic ceremonies and rituals, we use a large variety of technics to help you the bast we can : life coaching, naturotherapy, aromatherapy, in group and individual sessions.

During those retreats, people can be accomodated in the Hamadryade Lodge’s bungalows, or in the Center’s spacious tents. We take great care of the food you’ll be given so it is in full accordance with your need during the retreat. The Ayahuasca ceremonies are conducted by trained shamans ayahuasqueros, a shaman ayahuasca from Ecuador and another who trained in the ways of the ayahuasca Peru.