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Hamadryade is an Amazon Lodge, in the Rainforest of Ecuador. We offer a large range of activities, such as rafting, jungle hikes discovering animals, fauna, flora and indigenous communities,... Everything is made so you can discover this unique ecosystem, it's beauties and its secrets.

The Amazon Rainforest is a unique ecosystem, a thick jungle where numerous indigenous population live, with hundreds of rivers slithering through. Because of that, we have a large variety of activities to offer, on land, but also on water, taking advantage of those amazing rivers.

As an Amazon rainforest Lodge in Ecuador we have a unique chance, our slight elevation provides us with large fast rivers, ideal for water sports like rafting and kayaking. This is also a very nice advantage regarding hiking in the jungle and jungle tours in general because we do not have many swamps and the hikes are then easier and more pleasant. Therefore, primary rainforest is usually easier and faster to access.

LAND Activities

WATER Activities

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